Multi-Layer Coatings (Decking Systems) 3-4mm
Fast Application rate  |  Slip Resistant  |  Fast Curing  |  Medium Durability  |  Available for Ramps, Roads and Roofs 
About Decking Systems 
Decking systems are mostly utilised in parking facilities due to their high resistance to vehicle traffic. These systems incorporate layers of flexible resins blinded with coarse aggregates which creates a Slip Resistant, Waterproof, Flexible, UV Stable and Durable flooring system. Due to the range of properties this system can be used internally and externally as well as over a variety of substrates. With the use of fast curing MMA resins these systems can be completed in less than 24 hours. 
Coating Types
- Medium Duty 2-4mm
- High Duty 3-5mm
- Internal and External
-Fast Curing
- Traffic Resistant 
- Chemical Resistant 
- Slip Resistant 
Concrete or Tarmac
General Data
Resin Types
Traffic & Duty
See Variants
Flexible PU, MMA
Medium - High Duty
Re-coat 8 - 15 Years, subject to traffic
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