Heavy Duty Screeds >6mm
Nil Permeability  |  High Strength  |  Chemical Resistant  |  Anti-Microbial  |  Slip resistant 
About Heavy Duty Screeds
Heavy Duty Screeds encompasses a range of products and systems but all are >6mm in thickness. Heavy duty screeds are used in a variety of Environments from Food Production to Heavy Manufacturing Industries. The most common Heavy Duty Screed is Cementitious PU at either 6 or 9mm used in Food Production facilities for its Slip Resistant, Nil Permeability, Anti Microbial and Low Temperature Tolerance. Heavy Duty Screeds also included Vinyl Ester Screeds which have excellent Chemical Resistance & Extreme Temperature tolerance. 
Variants & Types
- Up Stands & Coves
- Laid to Falls
- High Temperature <160
- Dry & Wet Environments
- Slip Resistant
- Chemical Resistant 
- Low Temperature >-40
- Anti-Microbial 
General Data
Contact us at: sales@resinflooringsolutions.com for more information 
Resin Types
Traffic & Duty
Epoxy, Cementitious PU, VE
Light - Medium Duty
10 - 20+ Years


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