Lining & Demarcations
Lettering Available for 5s Systems |  Visual Traffic and Zone Control  |  Good Wear Resistance  
About Demarcation
The key to safe environments is through clear and maintained management systems and controls of hazardous work zones. Lining offers a unique ability to manage hazards such as high traffic zones through visual control systems. Risk control is most effective when it is most obvious, colour coding and universal symbols allow businesses to clearly separate high-risk cross traffic into safe pedestrian and automated traffic routes. Hatchings can be installed to highlight non-storage areas such as fire doors. With demarcation and lettering 5s becomes simple for staff and visitors to site, increasing efficiently and loss limitation. 
- Lettering
- Lining 
- Demarcations
- Traffic Segregation
- Internal & External 
- Available Slip Resistance
General Data
Resin Types
Epoxy, Solvented-PU, MMA
Re-coat 3 - 5 Years, subject to traffic
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