Self-Smoothing Compounds (SL) 2-3mm
Fast Application Rate  |  High Visual Appeal  |  High Durability  |  Ideal for Dry Ultra Clean Environments 
About Self-Smoothing Compunds 
At 2-3mm Self Smoothing compounds are the intermediate resin floor system in terms of durability and resistance with a far greater life span than High Build Coatings. As well having a high visual appeal this product can be easily cleaned and maintained due to its smooth characteristic. Utilised in Dry Production suites such as Pharmaceutical, Fork lift lanes or General Storage where higher duty is required. Slip resistant sealers can be applied where necessary. 
Variants & Types
- 3-4mm for Higher Duty
- Slip Resistant (with Sealer)
- ESD (Anti Static)
- Anti-Microbial
- Chemical Resistant 
- Fast Curing
General Data
Resin Types
Traffic & Duty
2-3mm Nominal 2.5mm
Epoxy, Cementitious PU, MMA, VE
Medium Duty
Re-coat 5 - 10 Years, subject to traffic
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