High Build Coatings <1mm
Fast Application  |  Low Cost  |  Easily Cleaned  |  Medium Durability  |  Slip resistance Available 
About Coatings 
Resin coating systems make up the majority of resin flooring installed due to their versatility, low cost and installation speed. Ideal for large open areas, light duty and general production areas. Resin coatings provide seamless and cleanable surfaces on new & existing concrete as well as a range of other substrates. Aggregate can be bonded between coats to provide a slip resistant surface. Resin Coatings can also be used for demarcations over other resin flooring systems. 
Coating Types
- Two Coat High Build
- Slip Resistant 
- ESD (Anti Static)
- Moistuer Permeable
- Chemical Resistant 
- Fast Curing
General Data
Resin Types
Traffic & Duty
Two coats approx. 0.3 - 1.0mm
Epoxy, WB-Epoxy, PU, MMA, VE
Light - Medium Duty
Re-coat 3 - 5 Years, subject to traffic
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